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What is Advanced Primary Care?

Despite primary health care being able to care for 80% of a person’s health needs throughout their lifetime, primary care utilization is decreasing year over year – leading to poor health outcomes. This low utilization is from a myriad of factors for patients, including treating primary care needs at specialists and urgent care, dealing with rising costs of healthcare, and searching for information on non-acute needs online.

What is Advanced Primary Care?

Advanced Primary Care (APC) was developed to create a more trusted and easily accessible option for your healthcare needs. APC doesn’t replace specialists but acts as your support system as you navigate your healthcare. No more checking WebMB or googling where to go. Your APC is there to be your “first stop” for all your healthcare needs and questions. 

How does Advanced Primary Care work?

APC represents the next evolution of primary care and is built into a Poppins Health Plan. Members have a "team" of clinical professionals dedicated to their care. This includes a PCP but also a dietician, behavioral therapist and navigator, who ensures that all specialist services are coordinated on a member’s behalf and get the highest quality, lowest cost physicians. 

Doctors are paid a monthly fee instead of being reimbursed via insurance so they can see fewer patients. It allows physicians to work more holistically and spend more time with their patients, focusing on understanding and managing each member's health in a comprehensive manner. 

What are the benefits?

Advanced Primary Care providers offer a huge assortment of other services including labs, certain pharmaceuticals, and behavioral health. With more health care services conveniently accessible, members engage with their care team more frequently. This translates to healthier, happier members and lower costs.

Other benefits of APC include:
- Unlimited access with no out-of-pocket costs 
- Convenient appointment availability with minimal or no wait times 
- Enhanced chronic disease management
- Mental health services
- Nutrition and wellness services

You can learn more about our two APC partners here: Marathon Health & Firefly Health.

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