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Poppins Health Secures $5.4MM

Poppins Health Secures $5.4MM to Propel Availability of Modern Health Plan for Small Businesses


Innovator of Scalable, Affordable Health Coverage Built for Small Businesses Closes Seed Round



Today, Poppins Health (fka UnifiHealth), the modern health plan for small businesses, is announcing it has raised $5.4MM in Seed Financing, led by Anthemis with participation from Echelon Capital, Flare Capital, Digitalis Ventures and Great Oaks VC. The funding will be used to support Poppins Health's mission of transforming health plans for small businesses by making health coverage transparent and improving the quality and cost of care.

“Small businesses want the benefits of an unbundled plan - and benefit advisors want to help deliver those benefits - so we have combined the best parts of disparate health plans into a high-quality, cost effective plan that serves the needs of business owners and their employees, our members,” said Ross Klosterman, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Poppins Health. “With this funding, we’re making good on our promise of bridging the gap between coverage that businesses can actually afford with coverage that people actually need.”

For many of the country’s more than 31 million small businesses, the complexities and cost of health insurance have become prohibitive to small businesses' ability to offer the coverage their employees deserve. In fact, the share of employers offering comprehensive health benefits dropped from almost half to less than one-third over the past 20 years, according to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Poppins Health, which can lower company healthcare costs by 20 percent, helps small businesses provide the highest quality healthcare options for their employees by allowing them to choose their preferred method of primary care, select their provider or facility of choice and identify the highest quality providers at the best cost.

“In order to better serve small business owners, Poppins Health was built with the members at the center of our approach, including improving the member experience and making it easier for them to select the coverage that is right for them,” added Olivia Cameron, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Poppins Health.

“The Poppins Health team is founded by visionaries who share our focus of developing emerging technologies that will truly change the market and improve people’s lives,” said Ruth Foxe Blader, partner at Anthemis. “We are thrilled to support the company as it scales to meet a proven demand for a more seamless health plan that improves coverage and costs for small businesses.”

“As a growing business ourselves, and as second-generation small business owners, we understand the pain points, as well as the opportunity, to revolutionize the way health coverage is delivered for businesses with fewer than 200 employees,” said Brodie Stone, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Poppins Health. “This is the beginning of a transformative time for this space - and for our role in helping it evolve.”

Poppins Health is actively growing its impressive team - for more information about open positions, visit

About Poppins Health

Poppins Health is the modern health plan for small businesses. Built around the member experience, Poppins Health improves the relevancy and affordability of health coverage for small business owners and their employees. By lowering a company’s healthcare costs and empowering employees with more transparent and quality coverage, Poppins Health is helping today’s small businesses deliver the healthcare of tomorrow.

Note: At the time this article was published, Poppins Health was formerly known as UnifiHealth.

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