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Help organizations save costs by providing bigger solutions, better care, and stronger connections.

The Poppins Way

  • Persistent Savings
    Our #1 goal is to help businesses lower costs the right way. We ensure healthcare premiums are going to high quality care that delivers better outcomes over time.
  • Scalable Product
    Our plans aren’t like any other. They deliver a novel experience to members through a proprietary plan design that is turnkey and easy to sell which means less work for you.
  • High Touch Service
    Our health plan allows us to put the member first. We deliver great service alongside our advisor partners and support members with our Member Navigation Team.
  • Usable Data
    Accessing and understanding healthcare data is hard, so we found a better way to do it. We deliver plan insights and data to employers and advisors to make better decisions.


Why Poppins Health?

Poppins Health is the first of its kind health insurance focused on providing small business employees with quality care with transparent pricing. We’re changing the game of health insurance through our advanced primary care model, dynamic copays, and member navigation team. 

With Poppins Health, employers and brokers alike can now provide best in class benefits at a lower cost in comparison to traditional health plans provided by some of the largest players in the industry.

What types of coverage are included with Poppins Health?

Our standard product for employers includes medical and prescription drug coverage. We can include dental and vision via our partnership with Beam but this is optional.

How do I get a quote with Poppins Health?

Quoting with us is easy. We can work through existing platforms to access underwriting documents or you can send them directly to We take care of everything from pricing to proposal.

What is Advance Primary Care (APC)?

Advanced Primary Care is the next generation of primary care, delivering on the ideal relationship between patients and a well coordinated team of providers all committed to improving each member’s health. Advanced Primary Care practitioners are not associated with any hospital systems, allowing them to practice at the top of their license. They are not incentivized for referrals and rely on objective quality and cost data when referring patients to specialists. 

Advanced Primary Care providers offer a huge assortment of other services including labs, certain pharmaceuticals, and behavioral health. With more health care services conveniently accessible, members engage with their care team more frequently. This translates to healthier, happier members and lower costs.

What is dynamic copay and how does it work?

A copay is the out of pocket cost you pay for any given procedure needed by the health insurance member. We use the term “dynamic” because your copay is determined by the cost, quality, and billing practices of providers and these can change over time. By providing the cost up front, not only do we allow the member to see their preferred choice of provider, but also give them full visibility to the procedure cost and care needs.

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