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The Only Health Plan You’ll Ever Need

“The high cost of health care in the United States threatens inexorably to price kindness out of the souls of an otherwise kind people” – Uwe Reinhardt

Poppins Health has taken the first step to fundamentally change how Americans access and pay for healthcare.

We’re creating “the only health plan you’ll ever need” – one that works if you are at a small or large business, are self-employed, or if you are on Medicaid or Medicare. This is ambitious, but we’re turning this vision into a reality.

First, we’re addressing the problem of affordability and access – and we’re starting with the populations that need it most. The individual market has seen innovative individual health plans (Oscar Health, Bright Health) start and scale, and large group focused TPAs (Collective Health, Bind Benefits) do the same. But innovative players (Poppins Health, Sana Benefits, Decent) in the small group space are just getting started.

We didn’t land in the small business market entirely by chance. My co-founders, Olivia and Brodie, have family members who own and operate small companies. I did the books for my mom’s 5 employee hair salon in high school. We’ve seen firsthand the acute pain of finding a high quality health plan that doesn’t break the bank. Heck, we’re a small business and we feel the pain ourselves!

Today, Poppins is building a health plan that is both scalable and affordable for companies with less than 200 employees.

While we will start and scale in the small employer market, we are building towards a world where a person can leave their employer and seamlessly keep their Poppins plan. A plan you can take with you, without disruption, whatever your journey.

Where do we start?

As Uwe Reinhardt suggested  nearly two decades ago - “It’s the Prices, Stupid.” We agree.

Let’s get to it.

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