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How Poppins Health is different from BUCAH plans

To those not in the business, BUCAH plans stand for the giants in the health insurance industry: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana. You likely have been a customer of one of those plans in the past. They’re popular for a reason. They have large networks, operate nationally, and carry brand recognition. Yet their track record is shaky at best. With higher deductibles and higher premiums, health insurance is increasingly out of reach for the average American. 

We further break down the differences between a plan like Poppins Health and traditional BUCAH options.

Who’s helping deliver your benefits? 

How often when dealing with a healthcare claim are we instructed to call a doctor, then insurance, only to be transferred internally upwards of ten times before we get a sort-of answer to our initial question?

Especially for heavy users of the healthcare system, this is more than just a rare occurrence. Trying to find the right person to talk to at any given time can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet for big health companies, this is the only option they can provide – operating at too big of a scale to provide a personal service.  

At Poppins Health, our Member Navigation team helps provide concierge level service to our members. We offer multiple touch points throughout the process – starting from even before a member goes to a doctor for the first time. To us, you’re not just a member or a number – you’re a person, and we want to make sure you get the best possible care you need.

Access to care and coverage

Finding out where to go and what you are going to pay is a dangerous game.

While only going to places in-network seems like the logical response, this isn’t foolproof: While a facility may be in-network, a doctor you’re referred to within it might not be. In addition, high deductibles mean that the cost of these decisions lands on you.  

Recognizing the trickiness of this, Poppins Health has changed the game. For each visit to the doctors, Poppins members have a single out-of-pocket cost that covers the entire visit. No more out-of-network charges, no more coinsurance. We empower the member to shop around for the highest quality provider…ultimately resulting in better care. And the plus side – folks can know exactly what they are going to pay before going to the doctor.

Health insurance spend and utilization

Most small businesses with a BUCAH health plan are fully-insured. These employers know the exact amount they’ll pay each month for health insurance, regardless of the amount of healthcare that is used by their employees. Typically in this kind of plan, the employer has no control over plan design, features, or any other incentives that employees face.

The benefit of having insight into plan spend utilization and control over plan design is being able to create health programs that can benefit an employer in the long term. If you have a fully-insured plan, you may not see that a big portion of your employees have been going exclusively to urgent care centers, so you have no idea that a robust primary care program could benefit your people. 

Not only does Poppins Health give small businesses the security of a fully-insured plan, but the utilization data that can allow them to better serve their employees. Poppins Health also offers an advanced primary care component to their health plans, encouraging members to build a relationship with their doctors and take a more preventative approach to their health. 

Small businesses are unique. Their health plans should be too – perfectly catered to what the employees need and the support they deserve. 

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